Bigg Boss 15 Apply Online, Registration and Audition Process 2021

Bigg Boss is among the most popular TV shows in India and is now preparing for the 15th season. According to the sources, this Salman Khan hosted series will likely go on the atmosphere around September or even October 2021, and the theme of the year is going to be updated soon. The date of registration is not yet been declared.

The most important concept of the game series is to survive within the house for 100 days where there isn’t any TV or mobile phone available for amusement. Just one TV can be found by which the show host celebrity Salman Khan communicates with the participants. After each week, among the participants will get eliminated and leave the home when he/she gets fewer public votes. Finally, five associates are left in the house and they’re eligible for finals from which one wins the name.

Below are some information concerning the Bigg Boss year 15 audition and internet registration procedure.

What is the Eligibility Criteria this season?

As we all know, Bigg Boss 15 is a show for celebrities, but there’s a chance for the frequent man’s entry if the producer allows it afterward. For the very common person, the qualification criteria are:

You must be of 18 decades or over.
For participation in Bigg Boss, you need to demonstrate these ID proofs — Aadhaar card, Voter ID, PAN card, Driving License, Birth Certificate, passport, etc..
The player should be emotionally and physically fit. The form will be declared on their official website or the channel, which is Colors TV or it might be announced on the series.
Another process of employing Bigg Boss 2021 is via the VOOT site ( or you’ll be able to download their VOOT Program from the app shop.
The participants need to fill this application form to share in this reality series.
Fill in your personal data carefully, such as your name, Date of birth, residence, profession, and contact particulars.
For Bigg Boss season 15 registration you also need to prepare a debut video of yourself and attach it together with the application form.
Recheck all the details to be sure everything is correct and then click the submit button to submit your application.
If the official Bigg Boss team selects a participant, then they will contact and give directions for the next procedure.

Prepare yourself for the Audition

In case you’ve passed the first actions and chosen for your Bigg Boss 15 Online audition, then you have to prepare yourself for it. Remember it is a reality show, and people see that for amusement. So don’t pretend about your personality, keep it real, as Bigg Boss is an entertainment series you need to make yourself stand out and have to be unique and interesting. Answer the question properly in the audition, don’t try to be aggressive or disrespectful, and also don’t be dull and shy.

How to make a video for Bigg Boss 15 audition.

What’s your marital status, details about kids and your spouse, and will Bigg Boss influence your relationship? If yes, then how?
Just how much can you know more about the actual Bigg Boss and the show?
Suppose you’re chosen, then what would you do to entertain folks?
How are you going to remain in the Bigg Boss house?
Are you currently short-tempered, how will you respond if someone gets you mad in a specific circumstance?
Will you struggle along with other contestants?
Why are you in Bigg Boss, for cash, fame, or something different?

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